An overhaul


This was long overdue but I’ve finally switched to a modern static site generator. The old system was written by myself in Python 2 many moons ago, and adding posts consisted of writing plain HTML into a monolithic XML source file, then deploying to S3 where Cloudfront served it from. Porting the Python 2 code to Python 3 would’ve likely been tedious, and would’ve still left me stuck with HTML.

Additionally, I’ve recently started moving my non-work efforts away from faraway clouds — partly because of politics, partly because I already get to deal with those enough on a daily basis at work, and partly because of costs — to a machine from a local operator with presence within a few hops and a short ping from our home network. Therefore it felt natural to run the site there, too. Caddy ftw.

This theme is smol with some minor tweaks.

TODO: I’d like to be able to add Graphviz graphs directly inline in blog post Markdown.