Joni Kähärä +358-50-4952033

Tenderinlenkki 8 A 52, 00520 HELSINKI Finland


Joni (b. 1975) is a programmer and general “DevOps” person from Helsinki, Finland. He has worked in the technology industry since 1997.

Some of the things that bring him joy in the professional context include:

  • Remote work. Open, preferably text-based and asynchronous communication.
  • Automating things that can be automated. Think Ansible, Terraform, and Kubernetes. And GitHub and GitLab workflows.
  • Enabling domain specialists to write testable sets of microservices that can be deployed with least effort, and changes of which can be managed controllably.
  • Working with services on “edge”, or in other words things that interface with the real world. Also anything with tight latency requirements.
  • Writing readable, robust, and performant code (and tests) in Go or Python that doesn’t waste resources. Rust and C have their special time and place, too.
  • Writing readable documentation (Markdown, Pandoc preferred). Also technical writing in general, and reading anything that is well-written. Well thought out diagrams always a huge plus.

Work Experience

11/2019 – Present Advian Oy

  • Technical Specialist, mostly in “Digirata positioning backend” project since Q4/2020
  • Day to day work consists mostly of herding AWS machinery in general and Kubernetes (EKS) machinery in particular, and coding in Go
  • Services’ development is supported by, and they’re deployed with GitHub Actions-based workflows. Kafka (MSK) is the backbone.

2/2018 – 11/2019 CGI Suomi Oy

  • Member, Video Analytics

9/2015 – 2/2018 Webmie Oy

  • Developer (Python, etc.)

4/2014 – 3/2015 Flatiron Software & Systems

  • An attempt to run my own software business, burning through savings and credit in the process
  • Key lesson learnt: don’t expect anything to happen without active sales

4/2011 – 3/2014 Visi-Systems Oy

  • Volumetric cargo measurement system utilizing a LIDAR and RFID tagging of bulk containers
  • Visitor counting system for pedestrian and vehicle traffic, utilizing “traditional” and machine vision sensors
  • A web/SMS-based paging system for fire personnel dispatch
  • A wall-climbing, (magnetic) wheeled inspection robot
  • Various smaller software development projects

2/2003 – 3/2011 Visi Oy

  • Physical access control/video surveillance system (the same project as below, company split in two)
  • Numerous smaller software development projects, including embedded things
  • Numerous hardware and software integration projects, mainly in the area of physical security and video surveillance

11/2000 – 1/2003 Visi-Systems Oy

  • Various web front ends for industrial data logging systems
  • Physical access control/video surveillance system; this evolved from Visual Basic 6 through C/GTK+ to a web-based system; actual hardware controlled included various gate control systems, video matrices and programmable logic controllers
  • Numerous smaller software development projects, including embedded things

2/2000 – 10/2000 Suomen Posti Oy

  • Morning newspaper delivery (0130h–)
  • This was real work

1/1999 – 2/2000 Civilian Service, Kotkan Opisto

  • Mostly general tech support in a Windows workstation environment
  • Plus some MS Access “development”
  • Demonstrated how easy it was to crack passwords on a shared Unix box without /etc/shadow but my disclosure wasn’t received that well

1/1998 – 9/1998 Cardinal Information Systems Oy (Company bankrupt)

  • Maintaining ActiveX (C++) code of an early micropayment system
  • Maintaining server-side Javascript code of a press release service (early days of SaaS)
  • Various web site development and maintenance assignments

1/1997 – 10/1997 Top Information

  • Developing software (Delphi, C) and iButton-based electronics for a physical access control system

Language skills

Finnish: native

English: fluent (spoken and written)


Tinkering with electronics and radios is fun, too.